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Eat well. live well.

None of us are strangers to the ill effects of bad eating habits. We all know how too much of anything - be it oil, sugar, butter, cheese, added preservatives, and the usual list of culprits wreck havoc in our system. We're all being constantly made aware of healthier meal options, substituting carbs with proteins and what is ''healthy fat''... However - there's a key aspect to health that we've all been missing out on - which is addressing our hunger between meals with something healthy, substantial and delicious.

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  1. Bajra Mixture
    Bajra Mixture
    As low as INR 65.00
  2. Seeds & Fruit Mix
    Seeds & Fruit Mix
    As low as INR 50.00
  3. Daily booster - 15 Days
    Daily booster - 15 Days
    As low as INR 160.00
  4. Sriracha Sweet Potato Chips
    Sriracha Sweet Potato Chips
    As low as INR 55.00
  5. Chipotle Roasted Sunflower Seeds
    Chipotle Roasted Sunflower Seeds
    As low as INR 55.00
  6. Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds
    Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds
    As low as INR 65.00

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Customer reviews

Kashish Chopra
It's amazing The products are really very fresh and tasty as well as healthy
Deepali Dogra
They have amazing flavour of healthy snacks at affordable prices.
Amit Saxena
Great snacks. A complete package of taste + healthy benefits.
Saurabh Singh
Great products. Great taste, packaging and delivery.
Raman Deep
Healthiset & tasty snacks i ever had..Superb taste with excellent quality. Super fast delivery. . Highly Recommended!!