High Protein – Evolve Snacks
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High Protein (14)

Ragi Chips

Rs. 106.00Rs. 120.00

Baked Bhakarwadi

Rs. 80.00Rs. 120.00

Multigrain Puffs

Rs. 78.00

Quinoa Masala Puffs

Rs. 90.00

Beetroot Chips

Rs. 106.00

Gur Chana

Rs. 90.00

Barley Millet Chips

Rs. 101.00


Rs. 65.00Rs. 90.00

Moong Daal Chips - Peri Peri

Rs. 112.00

Crispy Moong

Rs. 95.00

All in One Mixture

Rs. 112.00

Sriracha Fox Nuts

Rs. 138.00

Rajma Bhujia

Rs. 95.00

Paneer Bhujia

Rs. 95.00