Sriracha Sunflower Seeds

Sriracha Sunflower Seeds Availability:

Sunflower seeds with a tinch of sriracha will take you on a bold flavour adventure.

It is a perfect blend of deliciousness. Underneath all of that flavourful spice, we unlock the power of the snack. So, give a spicy kick to your taste with these Sriracha flavored sunflower seeds.


  • Reduces Blood Clots.
  • Boosts Energy.
  • Rich in Vitamin B & E.


Sunflower Seeds, Sriracha Flavoring

  • Brain
  • Healthy Heart
  • High Fibre
  1. Bajra Mixture
    Bajra Mixture
    As low as INR 65.00
  2. Seeds & Fruit Mix
    Seeds & Fruit Mix
    As low as INR 50.00
  3. Crispy Moong
    Crispy Moong
    As low as INR 60.00
  4. Chana Jor
    Chana Jor
    As low as INR 60.00