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Bringing you the authentic blend of chana and tasty peanuts, which would make your day even brighter. Crowning the bowls of lurking mouths, coated sunflower seeds manages to satisfy both the heart and the soul. Once you eat these seeds, you won't be able to stop yourself from eating more. But don't you worry, these are absolutely safe and healthy. So keep munching!


From salty and crunchy to sweet and savory, healthy seeds & fruit mix can come in hundreds of combinations. fruits and seeds are excellent and healthy substitute for daily snacks.


Chana, tasty peanuts, chana jor, coated sunflower seeds, flax seeds, water melon seeds,

cranberries, kiwi.


*Serving size 100 grams

Calories 466 kcal
Fat 36.7 gm
Carbohydrates 33.3 gm
Protein 16.7 gm
Fiber 13.3 gm
Sugar 10 gm

Expiry date: Best before 3 Months of manufacture

  • Hair and Skin
  • Healthy Heart
  • Low Calorie
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