Four Powerful Fruits (Weight: 50 Grams)

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Citrusy pomelo, sweet natural plums, delicious black grapes and flavorful prunes will boost your energy without a rapid hike in blood sugar. So, add this to your mid-day snacks, your breakfast routine or just another addition to your bakery ingredients.  

Plums: Help increase the absorption of iron into the body.
Orange rind: contains considerable amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and other B vitamins and dietary fiber.
Black grapes: velvet colored and deliciously sweet and juicy, can be consumed fresh and raw, dried as raisins or as a juice. They have great antioxidant content.
Prunes: Prunes have been sold as a popular digestive remedy for decades mainly because of three components: fibre, sorbitol (a sugar alcohol that can loosen the stool) and a natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin.


Black Grapes, Plum , Orange Rind & Prunes


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