Energetic Nutrient Blend (Weight: 50 Grams)

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The sweetness of Apricot, richness of walnuts and tangy taste of orange rind topped with crispy pumpkin seeds makes the mix perfect blend of nutrients and taste.


Pumpkin seeds: Rich in zinc, highly effective in fat burning. Keeps blood sugar steady and fights depression. Contains iron and magnesium, important for increasing energy levels and avoid anxiety. Stimulates hair growth and rejuvenates skin.
Walnut: Widely known as brain food because 69% of our brain is comprised of omega-3 fatty which improves the skin texture and reduces dryness of the skin
Apricot: Contains Vitamin A, K and E. Free from cholesterol and packed with protein. Boosts energy and is super food for bone health and strength. Improves skin elasticity, helps treat stretch marks and has anti-ageing benefits.
Orange rind: Rich source of Vitamin E, C and dietary fiber. Lowers cholesterol, reduces hunger pangs and aids in weight loss.


Apricot, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts & Orange Rind


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