Granola Almond Breakfast Cereal

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A bite of crushed honey granola and almonds with chewy dried strawberries, crispy pumpkin and flax seeds, is a perfect start to achieving your health goals.


Pumpkin seeds: Rich in zinc, highly effective in fat burning. Keeps blood sugar steady and fights depression. Contains iron and magnesium, important to increase energy levels and avoid anxiety. Stimulates hair growth and rejuvenates skin.
Almond: Packed with essential fatty acids, fiber and proteins. A great fruit to resist acne, and highly used for skin to make it radiant and glowing. Almonds also aid in reducing cholesterol as well as prevents breast cancer.
Strawberry: With more vitamin C than an orange, this berry boosts immunity, is good for heart health, regulates blood pressure and aids in weight loss. Helps prevent hair fall, good for the eyes and improves skin complexion.
Granola bar: Has a wealth of health benefits, including ability to lower cholesterol, regulate digestion, aid in weight loss, improve heart health, increase energy, prevent anemia and promote proper organ function.
Cranberry: contain a small amount of quercetin, which is among the most potent in terms of antioxidant activity and a wide range of other health-promoting properties.


Granola Bar, Dried Strawberries, Crushed Almonds, Pumpkin & Cranberry


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