Crazy Pudhina Fox Nuts (Weight: 70 Grams)

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For the lovers of peppery flavors, comes in the Pudina Fox Nuts (Makhana). 
These high quality and hand-picked fox nuts are sourced only from the best farmers in the country which helps us to maintain the product quality. Before these makhanas crunch in your month to leave a lip-smacking taste they are mixed in the tangy flavor and left for hours for the right amount of flavors.  They are also packed in a temperature controlled environment which keeps them fresh for a long time.
Now, enjoy the best of both worlds all the flavor of Pudhina and the health benefits of fox nuts. We guarantee once you start snacking on these there is no stopping you and with no effects on your waistline, why stop now?  


  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps prevent hypertension
  • Beneficial for people with high blood pressure
  • Gluten-free, protein, calcium rich & high in carbohydrates
  • Contains good amount of potassium & have less sodium
  • Great snack for diabetics, due to low glycemic index
  • An anti-ageing enzyme in these seeds is said to help repair damaged proteins
  • The astringent properties in fox nuts makes it useful for kidney ailments
  • Fox nuts are believed to help get rid of insomnia

Fox Nuts (Makhana), Pudina Flavour Seasonings


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