None of us are strangers to the ill effects of bad eating habits. We all know how too much of anything - be it oil, sugar, butter, cheese, added preservatives, and the usual list of culprits wreck havoc in our system.

We're all being constantly made aware of healthier meal options, substituting carbs with proteins and what is ''healthy fat''... However - there's a key aspect to health that we've all been missing out on - which is addressing our hunger between meals with something healthy, substantial and delicious. It doesn't help that we're a country obsessed with fried chips, two minute noodles, soups loaded with preservatives, and we're constantly made aware of these unhealthy snack options via a constant barrage of print and digital communication.When a company spends billions on connecting with you while you watch TV, drive through traffic, flip through the newspaper and surf social networking websites... your brain gets conditioned to think of these unhealthy snack options as the ''go to'' food for your mid meal hunger pangs.

Well, here's a few reasons why it would be wise to ignore these advertising geniuses & listen to what your body actually wants, which is a regular nutrition of Evolve Snacks for you, your kids, your friends & your ageing parents.

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    Our snacks are made using quality ingredients.

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    We do not load them up with preservatives and artifical additives.

  • 3

    We pack your snack post receiving your order—can your ''bag of air'' fried chips claim this?

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    We're serving you with healthy snacks - and they are equally tasty too. Flavoured seeds, fox nuts, dry fruits, fruit chips, veggie chips... the list is exhaustive, and extremely delicious.

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    Lastly, we are a company that believes in sensible pricing.

We want to be a part of your family's lifestyle & good health. care about your good health & strive to deliver you nourishing snacks.
Go ahead and place your order—you won't be disappointed.

Customer reviews

I ordered a couple of snacks from Evolve Snacks including Raagi chips, Foxnuts which are my all time favorite now. Delivery time was extremely impressive. I got my order the next day. They use high- quality ingredients and packaging was also nice. They come in airtight packs which were good to see. Finally, there is something which is tasty and healthy at the same time. Ordering more soon
Rahul Gupta
Healthy & yumm! Pricing is also ok.. Keep up the good work.
Sameera Hamid Shameem
You have started a fantastic activity in making snacks guilt free! I got my first Evolve snacks box today and I should state I was absolutely impressed. From placing the order to receiving the products within 2 days it was a totally amazing. Snacks that I loved the most are Raagi chips, Cheese Foxnuts, Chatpata Fruit mix, Okra, and Chipotle foxnuts. Looking forward to order again :) To sum up, Great in taste and healthy too. Kudos and thank you to your group for making such snacks.
Thakur Singh Samraat
One word WOW!! I got my first Evolve Snacks box yesterday it is just amazing loved the packing. They truly stick to their words. They make it fresh after we place an order. The freshness was intact in their zip-lock packaging. The best was Raagi chips, Foxnuts, Okra & Sweet Potato Chips, I am yet to try remaining snacks. I would give 5/5 and soon I am going to try many other things. I have recommended my office colleagues and friends and they too have placed ordered for their yummy and healthy snacks.
Aakash Chaudhary
after having second thought i ordered some great snacks from evolve..but u gotta believe my review as i rarely do it provided m cmpltly impressed.. Best packaging great taste totally healthy am so impressed the tangy foxnuts; pudina chips ;okra chips n mixed lentils with spices everything made to perfection and its sooo fresh.. well done great work n keep up the great work n prepare some more healthy snack to grab onn.... planinng to order sooonnnn in bulk.. dont miss to try on: 1. Soya pudina chips 2. okra chips 3. Sriracha foxnuts
Dr Saniya Khalfe Khan
Yes, I would recommend Evolve Snacks to anyone looking to switch to guilt-free snacking. I've been munching on their snacks (Raagi Chips & Foxnuts being my favorite) for quite some time now and I can say they are truely amazing.
Jatin Sethi